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What are the different categories to apply for work in the U.S.?

Maryland Work Visa Attorney- Working in the U.S.

Each year the United States grants thousands of foreign workers permission to live and work legally in the country.  These workers represent a diverse group, ranging from scientists and researchers to athletes, investors and agricultural workers.  There are many different categories for admission and each category has its own terms and requirements.  If you are an individual considering applying to work in the U.S. or are an employer seeking to recruit a foreign worker you need to make certain that you pay close attention to the specific restrictions and periods of stay associated with admission to the U.S.  A skilled Maryland work visa attorney can explain the conditions tied to your approval to work in the U.S. and help make certain that you are in compliance with all visa requirements.

Temporary Workers

If you are planning to enter the U.S. to work for a temporary period of time you will be classified as a non-immigrant worker.  In most instances your prospective employer will need to file a non-immigrant petition on your behalf in order for you to obtain permission to work in the U.S.  There are a number of different categories for non-immigrant workers, each with its own eligibility requirements and application processes.

These categories cover a wide range of individuals, ranging from certain specialty occupations, religious workers and executives/managers to artists, performers and athletes.  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sets forth a listing of the primary non-immigrant categories along with the terms and conditions associated with each.  You can also learn more about the specifics of many of the non-immigrant visa classifications in the Worker section of our website.

The legal team at Miranda & Weisman understands that it can be very difficult to navigate your way through various requirements associated with each of the non-immigrant classifications.  A Maryland work visa attorney at our firm can assist you with the application process and advise you on the non-immigrant classifications that best suit your particular situation.

Permanent Workers

Each year the U.S. government makes available approximately 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas to foreign workers seeking to immigrate to the U.S. based on their occupational skills, education, and work experiences. There are several different categories associated with these types of visas and depending on your specific immigrant visa preference, you may be required to have already secured a job offer from a U.S. employer with your employer serving as your sponsor on the immigration petition.  Additionally, in some situations your employer will need to obtain an approved labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor before submitting the immigration petition.  The USCIS permanent worker visa preference categories are listed below and you can learn more about these in the Residency through employment section of our website:

Similar to non-immigrant workers, it is very important for both employers and workers to understand the differences between each of the worker visa preference categories and the conditions and requirements tied to each.  If you have questions about these classifications or would like to discuss your situation with a skilled Maryland work visa attorney contact our firm today.