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Citizenship at Birth

In the United States, the Fourteenth Amendment establishes birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship means that anyone who is born in the United States is considered a citizen of this country.  Children who are born outside of the U.S. and whose parents are citizens may also be considered citizens as well.

Citizenship at birth is different and distinct from naturalization, which occurs when someone who was not a U.S.-born citizen takes steps to become a citizen later in life.  While individuals born in this country may not need to do anything to establish their citizenship status, there are times when additional legal steps need to be taken.  Children who were born in the United States but who have undocumented parents could also face special legal issues related to family unity in mixed-status families.

A Maryland citizenship lawyer can help children and families understand how the rules of birthright citizenship affect them.  At Miranda & Weisman, we can provide guidance and advice regarding your rights and responsibilities based on your immigration status.  We can also help you establish the citizenship of a child who was born outside of the country to parents who are U.S. citizens.

Understanding Citizenship at Birth

A child is automatically considered a U.S. citizen at birth if:

Children born under these circumstances are usually not required to do anything to be officially classified as U.S. citizens.  However, there may be exceptions and a Maryland citizenship lawyer should be consulted if you have concerns regarding citizenship.

Parents may submit an Application for Citizenship, and Issuance of a Certificate, under section 322 or may submit Form N-600, Application for a Certificate of Citizenship, in cases where they wish to ensure their child is a citizen of the United States.  A Maryland citizenship attorney can assist with this entire process, from determining if a declaration of citizenship is required to helping children and families secure that declaration.

Children Born Overseas

Children who are born outside of the U.S. can still become citizens by virtue of their birth.

For example:

When children are born overseas, parents should consult with a Maryland citizenship lawyer for help taking steps to ensure the child’s immigration status.

Consult a Maryland Citizenship Lawyer

At the Law firm of Miranda & Weisman, we know the ins and outs of birthright citizenship and we help families and children ensure that children have the citizenship status they deserve.  Give us a call today, 410-321-4994, to get started on protecting your family’s access to the American dream.