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Towson Maryland is located in Baltimore County and is the county seat.  Towson is an unincorporated community that has remained more rural than surrounding areas in Baltimore County, although it has grown with the expansion of the suburbs surrounding the city of Baltimore.  Towson offers attractions including Hampton Mansion and an outdoor mall called Towson Square.   It is an attractive place to live with a population exceeding 55,000 as of the 2010 census.

Towson, like most places in Baltimore County, is welcoming to immigrants.  Employers who wish to take advantage of foreign talent may sponsor immigrants for a green card or an H-1B visa.  Family members can also help their loved ones from foreign countries live for a period of time in the U.S. or become permanent residents and then U.S. citizens.

For those who wish to immigrate, or help others to do so, it is important to have top-notch legal representation.  Our Towson immigration law firm represents individuals throughout the greater Baltimore county area as well as immigrants worldwide who want to make Towson their home.

Miranda & Weisman’s multi-lingual staff is focused on helping immigrants achieve the American Dream.  We represent individuals petitioning for relatives; employers petitioning for workers; and immigrants taking action on their own accord to live and work in the U.S. and benefit from all this country has to offer.

Helping Undocumented Immigrants

Maryland is one of just a dozen states in the United States that is home to 77 percent of the population of undocumented immigrants. If you are undocumented, you are potentially in danger of facing deportation and removal proceedings and should speak with a Towson criminal immigration lawyer as soon as possible to learn your options. You may be able to have your status adjusted, and it is often far better to be proactive and try to resolve this issue before any type of deportation action begins.

Miranda & Weisman can also represent you if you are facing deportation and help you to explore options to remain in the country including requesting prosecutorial discretion or adjustment of status based on your family ties in the U.S.

We know how frightening it can be when you are at risk of losing the home you know and love.  Let a Towson criminal immigration lawyer help you understand your options for becoming legal and hopefully staying in the U.S. on a permanent basis.

Our Towson Immigration Law Firm is Here for Immigrants, Employers and Families

Miranda & Weisman helps immigrants, family members and employees work within the immigration laws to make it possible for foreign nationals to come to the United States and make a life here.

Our attorneys have experience representing clients seeking visas to work in the U.S. or live with family members in the country, as well as representing immigrants seeking an adjustment of status or going through the naturalization process.

With our firm’s strong focus on immigration law, we can provide the experienced legal service you are looking for to make the immigration system work for you.  Call 410-321-4994 today to speak with a Towson immigration attorney and learn how we can help you.