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Adjustment of Status / Consular Processing (AOS/CP)

When a foreign national wishes to become a permanent resident of the U.S. and obtain a green card, there are two possible approaches to take: consular processing (CP) or adjustment of status (AOS).

A Baltimore green card lawyer can help immigrants determine which approach is the right one and guide a foreign national through the process of becoming a resident.  At Miranda & Weisman, our multi-lingual staff provides affordable representation and invaluable advice to immigrants so they can make their dream of obtaining a green card a reality.

Adjustment of Status vs. Consular Processing

Both adjustment of status and consular processing are the last step in the process of obtaining a green card.  This process begins with filing an immigrant petition. Family members can file an I-130 petition to sponsor relatives to become permanent residents while employers can file a form I-140 petition to sponsor employees.  An immigrant can also file his own petition to obtain a green card through the Green Card Lottery or because he or she is eligible for asylum or refugee status.

A Baltimore green card lawyer at our law firm can advise you about the right form to file and complete the paperwork and provide documentation to ensure you meet the requirements set by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

After the petition is approved, a visa must become available. The National Visa Center will hold the approved petition for permanent residency and an immigrant who has a current priority number will be able to obtain a visa at such time as one becomes available.  There are a limited number of visas issued annually based on each different category of immigrant, but family members are usually given priority.

Once a visa becomes available, Adjustment of Status or Consular processing is the next step. Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residency or Adjust Status can be completed for you by your Baltimore green card lawyer in order to move forward with becoming a resident.  The applicant who wishes to become a resident must undergo an interview to determine eligibility for a green card. Your attorney will prepare you to ensure you are ready.

Immigration paperwork and an interview are necessary both with AOS and CP but the fundamental difference between adjustment of status and consular processing is where the immigrant is currently living.  A foreign national living inside of the U.S. while waiting for a green card will seek an adjustment of status.  A person who is living outside of the country will go to the U.S. consulate in his or her homeland.  The consulate will then process the request for an immigration visa and, if approved, will provide a Visa Packet to the foreign national that must be given to the Custom and Border Protection Officer when entering the country.

How a Baltimore Green Card Lawyer Can Help

With multiple steps in the process of obtaining a green card and specific requirements that must be met, it is essential to seek representation by a qualified Baltimore green card lawyer for both adjustment of status and consular processing.

At Miranda & Weisman, we will take care of the paperwork, advise you about your rights and responsibilities and use our legal experience and in-depth knowledge of immigration laws to help you achieve your dream of living permanently in America.

Contact a Baltimore green card lawyer at Miranda & Weisman online or by calling 410-321-4994 for advice and assistance.