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180-Day Portability Rule

Employers can sponsor immigrants to come to the United States for work.  They can also file a petition so that a foreign national can become a United States resident. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining a green card through a petition filed by an employer can be lengthy.  After the initial petition is filed and approved, a visa must become available and the immigrant must apply for adjustment of status.

While your adjustment of status is pending, you may wish to change jobs in order to take advantage of a new and better work opportunity.  The American Competitiveness Act for the 21st Century of 2000 (AC-21) makes it possible for an immigrant to move to a new position without jeopardizing his ability to get a green card.  However, you want to ensure that you follow all legal requirements and meet all the criteria set forth for changing jobs while becoming a resident so you do not limit your future in this country.

A Maryland employment immigration lawyer can assist you in understanding your options and help you change jobs in a way that complies with all immigration laws.  Call Miranda & Weisman, LLC before you start the process of switching to a new position.

Understanding the 180-Day Portability Rule

If your adjustment of status has been pending for 180-days or more, you may change jobs without affecting your pending green card application. This is referred to as the 180-day portability rule.

A Towson green card lawyer will make sure that your Adjustment of Status has been pending for the requisite length of time so that you can make the move to a new job without worrying about a negative impact on your efforts to become a permanent resident.

For the 180-day portability rule to apply and preserve your pending green card eligibility, you must meet other qualifying criteria as well.

For example:

A Towson green card lawyer at Miranda & Weisman, LLC will assist you in obtaining necessary documentation.  We can also put together a strong and compelling argument that your new job is substantially similar and that a good faith offer existed.

Our attorneys will not only help to complete all USCIS paperwork associated with changing jobs but will do everything possible to ensure your adjustment of status continues to move forward.

How a Towson Green Card Lawyer Can Help You

Becoming a permanent U.S. resident and getting a green card opens many doors and makes living your life in this country a reality.  You need to protect your adjustment of status and an attorney will help you to do that while taking advantage of work opportunities that come your way.

Contact a Towson green card lawyer at Miranda & Weisman, LLC today to speak with a multi-lingual member of our legal team and learn how we can assist you.  We can be reached online, or at 410-321-4994.