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Steps for Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status (AOS) is the final step in the process of obtaining a green card for an immigrant who is currently living in the United States.  There are many steps in the process of becoming a permanent U.S. resident and a Towson green card lawyer can guide you through meeting all of the requirements.

At Miranda & Weisman, LLC , our attorneys know the ins and outs of applying for a green card and we are here to help make your dream of becoming a permanent resident a reality.  From getting the process started by filing an immigrant petition to your interview with United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to finally obtaining a green card, we will provide affordable representation and top-notch legal advice every step of the way.

The Steps in Adjustment of Status

The process of getting a green card through adjustment of status can vary slightly depending on whether you are becoming a resident with the help of a family member or an employer.  However, the basic steps are the same:

  1. File an Immigrant Petition. The first step is to file an immigrant petition.  A family member can file a petition on behalf of a relative by filing Form I-130.  An employer can file form I-140 to help an employee start the process of obtaining a green card.  If an immigrant hopes to secure a green card through the Green Card lottery or because he or she is eligible for asylum or refugee status, then he or she will act on their own behalf to start the process.  A Towson green card lawyer can advise you regarding the best course of action and complete the required paperwork to get you started on the road to residency.
  2. Visa availability. The approved immigrant petition will be forwarded to the National Visa Center.  A visa must be available for the particular category of immigrant before the process of becoming a permanent resident can move forward.  A set number of visas are available within each category each year, but family members will usually be able to get a visa more quickly than people sponsored by employers.
  3. Interview. An interview will generally be scheduled with the immigrant when a visa becomes available.  A Towson green card lawyer will advise you on what to expect and help you prepare for this important interview.
  4. File Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residency or Adjust Status.  This form may sometimes be filed with the initial immigrant petition in a process called concurrent filing.  Your attorney can take care of completing the form and telling you when it must be submitted.
  5. Adjustment of Status. The Adjustment of Status is the last step in the process, after which a green card should generally be issued.  Adjustment of status is an alternative to consular processing.  AOS makes it possible for an immigrant in the U.S. to adjust his immigration status to permanent resident without having to leave the country.  If the immigrant is not currently living in the U.S., then he will go to the U.S. consulate in his state for the processing of his request for a green card.

How a Towson Green Card Lawyer Can Help

With so many steps and requirements in the process of becoming a resident, you need an experienced legal advocate to guide you through adjusting your status.

At Miranda & Weisman, LLC , you will find a Towson green card lawyer that cares about your case and has the legal experience to help you to become a green card holder.  Call 410-321-4994 or contact us online to get started and let us help you become a permanent resident of your new home country.