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Advanced Degree Holder (EB2)

Advanced degree holders have worked hard to get the best education in their fields, and they can bring their knowledge and talent to United States companies. Workers can benefit from the opportunity to become permanent residents and achieve their American dream while employers can take advantage of the chance to hire top talent from a global pool. The employment-based immigration system in the U.S. makes this possible.

For advanced degree holders, the employment-based second preference immigrant visa may be the right choice for starting on the path toward permanent residency.  A Maryland employment immigration lawyer can represent both individuals and employers and provide the assistance necessary to make it possible for an advanced degree holder to move permanently to the U.S. Call Miranda & Weisman today to learn more about how we can represent you.

How a Maryland Employment Immigration Lawyer Can Help With EB2 Immigration

EB2 immigrant visas are available both to members of professions with advanced degrees as well as to aliens who have exceptional abilities within business, or within the arts and sciences.  Bachelors’ degrees do not count as “advanced” degrees when determining eligibility for an EB2 visa.  In order to obtain immigration status based on an advanced degree, it is necessary for the foreign national to have gone further with his academic achievement.

There are multiple steps involved in employment-based immigration using an EB2 visa.  First and foremost, the employer must obtain Program Electronic Management Review System (PERM)certification for the U.S. Department of Labor. This involves a showing that the immigrant is the most qualified person for the job; that he will be paid a prevailing wage; and that there are no U.S. workers who are qualified and willing to do the work.

After PERM certification, an I-140 immigrant petition must be filed and the foreign national then must either seek consular processing in his own country or an adjustment of status if he or she is living in the United States.

Throughout every step of this process, there are specific requirements to fulfill. For example, an employer must be making a permanent offer of employment in a position for which an advanced degree is required. The foreign national must have an appropriate academic degree and there must be proof that his or her work will benefit the national economy as well as cultural and educational interests in the United States.  Providing appropriate proof of this can be a challenge but a Maryland employment immigration lawyer will assist with any necessary documentation.

Call a Maryland Employment Immigration Lawyer Today

U.S. immigration laws allow for employer-based immigrations because of the benefits to companies, workers and the country as a whole.  When companies and individuals make the immigration system work for them, it is a win-win for everyone.  A Maryland employment immigration lawyer can help you achieve the benefits of advanced degree workers from all over the world.

Employers and advanced degree holders can get help from a Maryland immigration lawyer at Miranda & Weisman. Call today to speak with a member of our legal team and learn more: 410-321-4994.