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Extraordinary Ability (EB1)

Individuals with extraordinary talent in their fields deserve the opportunity to live and work where they can best utilize their skills. For many consummate professionals, the United States is that place.  The U.S. immigration system recognizes the benefits of giving the world’s most talented individuals the chance to achieve the American dream by taking their careers to the next level.

The employment-based first preference category (EB1) allows for extraordinary individuals to become permanent residents of the United States.  The EA category does not require that a U.S.-based company have extended an offer of specific employment, nor does it require employers to undergo the Program Electronic Management Review System (PERM) certification process.

While this streamlines the steps for employment-based immigration, there are still myriad requirements for obtaining permanent residency status.  A Maryland immigration lawyer at Miranda & Weisman can help individuals and companies with all aspects of immigrating so that the foreign national can focus on using his extraordinary skills to do the most good.

How a Maryland Employment Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Miranda & Weisman has extensive experience helping foreign nationals who wish to move to the United States, and our attorneys are especially proud of our work, making it possible for talented people in all fields to obtain their green cards and make their homes and lives in the land of opportunity.

Our attorneys will help you determine if you are eligible for EB1 immigration and will assist in providing substantial documentation to show you are qualified.  This category is limited to a very small percentage of individuals and to be able to obtain a green card and become a permanent resident you must meet the following criteria:

Miranda & Weisman knows the types of documentation that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is looking for and we are ready to put our legal experience to work to guide you through the best chance of a successful application.

Contact a Maryland Employment Immigration Lawyer

Because no specific offer of employment is mandated, individuals who believe they can make use of their talents and thrive in the United States should contact an experienced Maryland immigration lawyer directly for assistance with EB1 immigration.

Our attorneys can review your background and skills to determine if you are likely to qualify and start down the path toward permanent residency on the basis of your talents.  We can help to devise a strategy and submit petitions in a multiple of categories if you are eligible in order to maximize the chances of approval, and we will represent you at every step involved in dealing with USCIS.

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