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Program Electronic Management Review System

Employment-based immigration to the United States allows foreign nationals to make their living in the United States and bring their talent into this country on a permanent basis. Many organizations benefit from bringing in international talent from around the globe to work for their enterprise. Many individuals also benefit from this type of immigration as it is possible to become a permanent resident and get a green card on the basis of an employer’s sponsorship.

For an employer to benefit from hiring foreign nationals and setting them on the path to residency, it is essential for the employer to start with the Program Electronic Management Review System (PERM) labor certification.  Since March of 2005, a PERM labor certificate has generally been required for an employer to hire foreign workers to live and work permanently in the U.S.

An experienced Maryland immigration lawyer can take care of this labor certification process for employers so they can focus on hiring the right people for the job without worrying about the logistics.  Call the Miranda & Weisman, LLC  today if your business is interested in the flexibility of hiring top talent from anywhere in the world.

How a Maryland Immigration Lawyer Can Help with PERM Labor

With limited exceptions, PERM labor certification is the first stage in an employment-based green card case. The PERM labor certificate is required for employment-based second and third preference cases (EB2 and EB3) unless exceptions such as a national interest waiver apply.

There are a number of important requirements for PERM labor certification.  For an employer to be able to hire a foreign national on a permanent basis and help him become a resident, there are certain criteria that must be met. For example:

Employers may be audited by the Department of Labor in order to determine compliance with PERM requirements. It is essential to prepare a file that has evidence of recruiting as well as other mandatory supporting documents in case the DOL does ask to verify compliance.  A Maryland immigration lawyer will help companies to ensure that they are following the laws so they don’t create serious problems for their business.

Contact a Maryland Immigration Lawyer Today

The world is increasingly global and your company needs to be able to hire the best in the field to be competitive on an international landscape. Since PERM certification is generally an integral part of this process, it is essential to get help from a Maryland immigration lawyer in completing this process. Call today to speak with Miranda & Weisman, LLC for assistance: 410-321-4994