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Engaged Couples (K-1 Visa)

A Towson Fiancé Visa Attorney

A foreign national who is engaged to marry a United States citizen may obtain a K-1 visa in order to come to this country and get married.  There are specific requirements for obtaining a K-1 permit to enter the United States. The K-1 permit allows an alien fiancé to stay within the U.S. for just 90-days during which time a wedding must occur to the person who sponsored the visa. After the wedding has occurred, the newly married spouse may petition to become a permanent resident.

The K-1 visa is a very important immigration category because it makes it possible for someone from another country to come to the U.S. and plan a wedding to marry the person he or she loves. However, there are specific requirements that must be fulfilled. A Towson fiancé visa attorney at Miranda & Weisman is familiar with these requirements and can help you meet all of the obligations within the necessary timeline.

How a Towson Fiancé Visa Attorney Can Help With a K-1 Visa

In order to obtain a K-1 visa, a U.S. citizen must complete an I-129F petition for his or her fiancé to come to the United States.  There are limits on the number of petitions that a person can file.  The foreign national fiancé must be living in his or her own home country or otherwise outside of the U.S. and must apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate within that country.  The foreign national will be allowed entry to the U.S. solely for the purpose of getting married within 90-days.  His or her minor children are permitted to come on a K-2 visa.

In order for a K-1 visa to be granted so marriage within the U.S. becomes possible, it is necessary to:

A Baltimore fiancé visa lawyer can assist with the filing of the petition and is able to provide requisite documentation that the intent to marry is legitimate.  Miranda & Weisman represents both U.S. citizens who complete a petition for their fiancés as well as foreign nationals who need guidance and advice on consular processing.

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The process of applying for a K-1 visa can be a complicated one, and it is essential that you understand the rights and obligations that go along with this type of fiancé visa.  A Maryland immigration lawyer can help you to determine if this type of visa is the right one for you and will guide you throughout the entire process of obtaining the visa so a marriage can take place in the U.S. within the established timeline.

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