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About Student Visas

If you are a student who desires to pursue academic or vocational studies in the United States, you may be eligible for either an F1 or M1 non-immigrant visa.  An F1 category visa is for full-time academic students.  This type of visa covers all courses of study at colleges and universities as well as secondary and high school programs.  The M1 category visa is for students enrolled in vocational training programs designed to prepare the student for a specific trade, craft or career, such as computer technology, cooking, art or design.  In addition to the F1 and M1 student visa categories, you may also be eligible for a J1 exchange program visa if you are participating in an exchange program, which has been approved by the U.S. Department of State.  These programs are available for both secondary students and college/university students.

Visa Requirements and Time Limitations

Each of the student visa programs has specific program requirements and limitations regarding the length of time that you may remain in the United States.  If you are planning to obtain an F1 (academic) or M1 (vocational) visa, you will generally need to demonstrate the following:

If you are participating in a J1 student exchange program, the visa requirements will be specific to your individual program.   Additionally, students pursuing an academic program under an F1 student visa will generally be allowed to stay in the United States for as long as it takes to complete their program, within the time authorized by their educational institution.

Similarly, M1 students are typically permitted to remain in the U.S. until they have finished their vocational program.  If you are coming to the United States in the J1 category, the time period in which you are allowed to stay in the United States will vary by the type of exchange program you are participating in.

For more detailed information on F1, M1 and J1 visas, we invite you to visit the following pages on our Baltimore immigration law firm website:

How Our Baltimore Immigration Law Firm Can Help

If you are considering applying for a student visa, you are likely in the process of completing applications to education programs and universities. The college enrollment process is difficult enough. The lawyers at Miranda & Weisman can help with legal concerns relating to pursuing your dream of studying in the United States.

We will help alleviate your stress and assist you in reaching your educational goals.  Our attorneys have a keen understanding of U.S. immigration laws and will navigate you through complex visa processes and procedures.  Our Baltimore immigration law firm will also help you with the preparation of your application materials.  In the event that you are seeking to change or extend your student status, we can assist you at all stages of the process.  Miranda & Weisman offers a free, initial consultation. Contact us at 410-321-4994 or by completing our online contact form.