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Foreign Nationals (H1B Visa)

If you are a foreign national who wants to work in the United States, an H1B visa can make that possible. The H1B visa allows qualified workers to have a job in the U.S. for six or more years. However, there are limits regarding who can apply and specific requirements that an applicant must meet.  Employers can also benefit from hiring foreign nationals to work, and may petition for an H1B visa to make that possible.

At Miranda & Weisman, a Baltimore green card attorney can help with all H1B matters. Our attorneys assist with all paperwork and documentation, and will work with you to get a visa for yourself or your employees to work in the United States.

Helping Foreign Nationals Obtain H1B Visas

For a foreign national to work in the United States on an H1B Visa, an employer must file a petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  An employer must also obtain a labor condition application (LCA) from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The foreign national must also meet certain requirements. For example, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required for a foreign national seeking an H1B visa based on a specialized occupation.

Our Baltimore immigration law firm knows the ins and outs of the USCIS requirements for applying for an H1B Visa and we advise employers across all industries. We represent large and small employers who want to take advantage of the business opportunities available by hiring foreign workers.

We also represent employees who are seeking H1B visas or who are already in the United States on a work visa but wish to use the portability provisions of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act (AC21). These provisions allow you to transition to a new employer without adversely affecting your right to work and live in the United States.

Finally, individuals who are already in the United States but who are not permitted to work may wish to seek an adjustment of status in order to take a job. Our attorneys can help determine if qualifying for an H1B or other work visa is possible under these circumstances.

Protecting Your Right to Work in the United States

Foreign nationals can usually work in the United States with H1B status for a maximum of six years. H1B visas are issued in three-year increments by USCIS.  There are a limited number of visas available each year, with some of the visas restricted only to individuals who have received at least a master’s degree from a University in the United States.

In certain cases, an employee’s H1B status can be extended beyond the maximum six-year limit, such as when an employee is in the process of applying for a green card.

A Baltimore green card attorney at our firm will ensure that you apply for all available extensions and that you comply with all requirements for continuing to hold an H1B visa so you can keep living and working in the United States.
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Our attorneys are here to help ensure that foreign nationals and employers benefit from the H1B system that makes it possible for immigrants to work towards achieving their American dream.  Give us a call to speak with a Maryland employment immigration lawyer today to get started.  We can be reached at 410-321-4994, or through our online contact form.