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Treaty Trader (E-1)

Maryland E-1 Classification Lawyer

If you are a national of a country that the U.S. maintains a treaty with, you may be eligible to come to the United States to engage in international trade.  Your home country must be party to a commerce and navigation treaty with the United States and you must be engage in international trade on your own behalf or as an employee of a qualifying organization.

Nationals who come to the United States to engage in trade under the terms of a treaty will obtain an E-1 visa. There are specific requirements that must be met to obtain this visa and Miranda & Weisman is here to help you determine if you are eligible. We will also assist you in proving that you are entitled to an E-1 visa and prepare all required documentation throughout the immigration process.  To take advantage of the economic freedoms and trade opportunities that the U.S. has to offer, call today to speak with a Maryland E-1 classification lawyer for help.

Qualifying for an E-1 Classification: Maryland Attorneys Can Help

In order to qualify for E-1 classification, you must fulfill certain criteria:

Typically, there must be multiple numerous transactions that occur over time, although there is no minimum limit or set requirement related to the volume of each transaction or the monetary value of each transaction.  While there is no minimum requirement, there is great weight given to numerous exchanges when determining if you are engaged in substantial trade and thus qualify for an E-1 visa.

Items of trade may include:

Substantial trade is generally defined as the continuous flow of sizable items of international trade.

If you are qualifying on the basis of your employment with a treaty trader, then there are different criteria including meeting the relevant legal definition of employee and engaging in duties of a supervisory or executive nature.

Contact a Maryland Immigration Lawyer Today for Help

Fulfilling the basic requirements is only the start of what you must do in order to become eligible to enter the United States and remain in the U.S. to conduct trade under an E-1 visa.  You must ensure that you provide all required documentation and complete requisite forms.   You also must understand the terms and conditions of E-1 status. For example, you are permitted a maximum initial stay of two years but can request an extension, and you must engage in the specific activities you were approved for at the time when your E-1 classification was granted.

At Miranda & Weisman, we understand the ins-and-outs of E-1 visa classifications and we will represent both individuals and employers who want to take advantage of the economic environment in the United States. Call today to speak with an experienced Maryland E-1 classification attorney and we can get started on opening the door to lucrative and rewarding trade opportunities.  You can reach us online, or at 410-321-4994.